New kid on the block (2)

Hi There,
Few updates, the Land fot delivered. After some ups-and-down to unload it (had slid on one side of truck in a curve), we finally got it settle on some (kind of) flat ground.

After a quick look, the thing is smoking the hell, but looks more like blue smoke (pump triming ? Some sh…t in the fuel circuit), that should disappear once warm.

Finally today I was able to (quiet) finish the ILITS (still some joins / blets / beam issues) and get some time to start the purging of the land (Front gear, engine, rear gear)… quiet a nice time, quiet an ooollldd & black oil… let alone oil filter (never ever got changed ?).

Next shot : gearbox oil / transfer box oil / diesel tank purge + complete diesel circuit.

Important shot : the purges are just « business as usual » when I get a new joinee… but the real issue there are breaks, seems rear right cylinder head of gasket is gone … will be funny to lift the dam thing with my small jack (high-lift wanted).

CYA next time, Sirs.