BMW 530i (Small bore) V8 LPG 1993

And… it’s there … a « little » new one… the smallest BMW V8.
Some of the beast features (Courtesy Wikipedia)… see the V8 line… 215 HP

This 1993 BMW 530i V8 appears to be an unusually well kept example of one of the more obscure E34 models offered in Europe (it’s 5-speed manual is noteworthy as well).
Overshadowed by the significantly more potent 540i and contrary to its model designation which slotted below the six cylinder 535i that it replaced, these cars ran a 3.0 liter, 215 HP V8 and are now pretty scarce in any spec or condition.

The engine bay houses an M60B30 quad-cam V8 which offered 215 HP and nearly identical torque–most seem to have been autos, and with a 5-speed manual this one could be a lot of fun.

I went with a friend of mine to buy it in the great south. It sat outside for quite long and under pine/eucalyptus trees… leading to lots of resin stains and clogged vent. As it was also in a sunny area, the leather seats got dried out and cracked apart, leading to a very poor condition (though I’ve greased them and thinking of overhauling them).

The body is kind of ok for a 29 y.o car, with its dents, scratches and bumps… fortunately nothing alarming.

Last and best, the engine is LPG and fully functional, the V8 roars properly and went through a complete filter/fluids change and is just left with one small power steering fluid leak.

It’s fully drivable and excellent fun for a ride, whether on motorway or in city. It’s punchy, the engine noise is a delight and it’s sweet and agile… for such a heavy best… and despite it’s 370 000 + Kms on the wheel.

See you on the road mate