Ooops did it again

Hi Folks,
Heels almost completely healed, but sense of balance not there yet. Funny fall startig with 2 great opportunities ongoing :

  • Found a Iltis, an original Belgium Bombardier Diesel, properly french plated … for quiet a price, but good things aren’t cheap. This baby will join the (already quiet large) family car (4 other cars). Although it has been « bumped » recently the chassis look good and the body work seems few… to be followed. It’ll meet the rest of the flock this coming WE… name wanted (see pics below and use comments),
  • As a pleasure never comes alone, through our YoYo the great, we have the opportunity to have a V40 2003 and a 320D 2004 cars for free. The volvo already joined the pack and is expecting it’s MOT and plates, the BMW is yet to join but preliminary tests are more than good…

PIcs to follow for the V40 and 320d.  Waiting for that, please find below the iltis ones :