M.Finch – getting closer

Hi All
After a looong time (almost 3 years), I’ve decided to resume my restauration work on M.Finch (S2A 1966 Petrol 109 Pickup). I’ve been through a huge amount of spare parts (mostly from the « evil twin » and discovered that I’ve many double (not to say triple) spares, like radiators of other.

After some quick thoughts, I’ve ordered to the great « famour four » in UK some more (missing or broken parts) like a complete set of engine gasket, seals, joint, tie rods for steering, pointers and so much more…

In the same time, spare sanding, brushing, cleansing and painting is going on (waiting from the paint for PaintMan UK) with termic paint (mostly for air intake & gas outake, exhaust pipe and so much more).

Once all intake/outake is OK, I’ll fix back the started motor & test if the beast is still alive (for a very short test, as bulkhead & radiator are not yet ready.

Then, will come the big thrill : rear / front axle rebuild with proper seals & break revamp… here are below some more pics to keep you waiting.

Waiting for all this to happen, a small Video of M.Finch « breath ». Enjoy.