One donor, one !

Thanks to one of my best friend and after a 1 500KMs Week-end, I finally brought home a poor beast, heavily used, wrecked, and without any papers, but cheap and with some spares I needed. Really a pity to get our iltis reduced in such state.. to my dearest regret I waon’t save this one (engine won’t event start and got armoured electrical system, hence not fixable).

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Pinocchio under rebuild / overhaul

Roughly 2 weeks ago, and thanks to my brother-in-law, I just picked this very nice Belgium Bombardier iltis diesel from 1988. After a nice 3 hours ride through the valleys and mountains (300 Km from home), on a saturday morning we discovered this nice noseless beast. Continuer la lecture de Pinocchio under rebuild / overhaul

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